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Brand Story

A story about Hong Kongers, a story about resonate with Hong Kong people, a story of four brothers fighting together….

During the outbreak of the COVID-19, the shortage of global mask supply, we are deeply saddened and upset seeing many people, even the elderly, have to queue overnight to buy masks. Some have to wear one mask for several days, inferior masks, fraud cases and other sad news.

To be responsible for the spirit of “Take from society, give back to society", we are determined to make efforts for Hong Kong people to set up a mask production line in Hong Kong. Hoping to contribute to the society and protect our "HOME". 
Mask X hopes to embrace Hong Kongers in the spirit of Hong Kong’s pragmatism willingness to work hard and perseverance in creating a “Made in Hong Kong” mask. 

Mask X focuses on the details of each mask, from conception, design, production, packaging, etc.  Every step is required to meet the standards expected by Hong Kong people, and work together to create high quality, loving and caring masks.